AC is an activity with twenty years of experience in dressmaking for women, offers a range of services aimed at companies that produce clothing:

The proposal for these services stems from the belief and knowledge that dressmakers reach within themselves, that bear the seed and the DNA, bred with mass production has made Italian fashion incredibly great in the world.

In fact, in February 1951 Giovanni Battista Giorgini staged the first "fashion show" in Florence, which included a handful of "pilot dressmakers" hence giving life to the fashion industry.

The beautiful, unique and handmade creations of the Italian dressmakers, intended for an elite group of clients, began to undergo a process of transition: Simplified and copy for millions of women and rising the prÍt--a-porter.

Today the fashion industry has made everything globalized and standardized, making it tasteless and lowering the quality.

For this reason a company that may want to distinguish itself could do it by returning to designing and developing their collections in dressmaking boutiques where the creativity of design mixes with the mastery of production, use and knowledge of fine fabrics to create a simple and straightforward beauty, typical of the Italian "know how".

Moreover, the qualified personnel of the dressmaking shop, forming its experience by working with passion in a world of women, listening to and measuring them, cutting and sewing for their unique items, is much closer to what the fit, sizes, tastes and preferences of women are, to what could be those of stylists, designers and modeling studies which completely lack contact with the customer are, instead of basing their centrality and importance on the whole fashion system.

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