Angela Corsani, ladies dressmaker,
using taffeta, organza and silk fabrics
that style and transform,
She created these models by applying
a traditional dressmaking technique
in a contemporary dressmaking style,
making the most of the past
and is also sensitive to the changes
in production and to new lifestyles.
The dressmaker dedicates these ‘works’
to Simonetta Colonna of Cesarò couturier
and icon of style in the 50’s/60’s
from where she drew inspiration for her models.
Today when we look back at yesterday,
one misses the magical dressmaking
that once paraded in Florence in the white hall
at Palazzo Pitti.
But to give life to a new product,
to an image that reinterprets in a modern way
all that proceeded it.
These garments are a symbol of how working
from the roots one can offer a unique product,
giving back to fashion the chic
and sophisticated allure that it has been missing.