ANGELACORSANISARTORIA since 1986 in Montelupo Fiorentino a business which is entered into the \“Fondazione di Firenze per l’artigianato artistico\” proposes a real return to tailored women's dresses.

From the beginning dresses were always made to fit whoever had to wear them and were created according to the everyday needs of who wore them.

Tailoring is: everyday comfort and elegance Tailored suits for every occasion Style, the charm of an article designed, cut, sewn to measure your body and your taste Rediscovery of a pleasure and an ancient art

ANGELACORSANISARTORIA is the dress that you want according to your measurements.

The dress shop, thanks to qualified and experienced staff, offers:

AngelaCorsaniSartoria addresses the modern woman, sure of her style and who wants to feel like a star creating, with the help of her dress maker, what she likes best and what endowers’ her most. For this reason, you can also create models with the customers’ fabric and design.

AngelaCorsaniSartoria offers a vast selection of clothing, unique ready-made pieces to express the quality of the workmanship, precious commodities and the freshness of an Italian style image perfectly balanced between craft, art, fashion and quality, certainly and totally "Made by your trusted seamstress"

The price and timing of implementation of the models can, of course, vary according to the complexity of the dress, equipment and processes required, we are always available to customers to provide information and detailed cost estimates and without any obligation.

AngelaCorsaniSartoria with the collection “Tessuto e Ceramica” and “Abiti scultura” offers, alongside the traditional production of tailored dresses for women, a study looking for the possible integration with other hand-made apparel made by local artisans to actively contribute in an innovative way to re-launch the artisan sector in the Empoli/val d’Elsa area.